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Everything within textile processing

With more than 60 years of experience, Bamatex is one of Sweden’s largest textile processors. We have our own production hub in Borås with woven labels, heat transfers, 3M Scotchlite, imitation leather, embroidery etc. Bamatex can offer fast delivery times together with high quality of both products and service.

Our history

Bamatex is one of the market leading companies that can offer everything within the textile processing.

1980’s Bamatex AB started and sold machines and accessories for the textile market, such as embroidery machines, design programs and accessories.

1990’s P-A Tryck AB started manufacturing printed labels for textile labeling. At the end of the 90s the product range expanded with barcodes according to the customer’s specifications.

2000’s Development is gaining momentum.

2004 We invested in flatbed printing machines, and the necessary equipment for the production of transfers in P-A Tryck’s premises in Borås. The sales company Repeat is formed for the sale of transfers.

2006 Product development is progressing. After listening to customers’ needs regarding quality and flexibility, we presented our own unique transfer. The transfer was branded as Image Gripping.

2008 The sales company Repeat merges with Bamatex AB and forms a joint sales company for aftermarket.

2009 The last step is taken, and the previous three companies become one as sales and production become one. The new name is BAMATEX.

2010 Bamatex moves to a newly renovated premises in Handvävargatan in Brämhult. With an expanded area and a larger fleet of machines, we are equipped for future challenges.

Bamatext Group

Relocation and Aquisition of Etikettgruppen & Nordiska Etikettbolaget

In 2014, the company was growing quickly, and we acquire dEtikettgruppen Svenska AB, which was one of Sweden’s largest suppliers of woven profile products . This added to our existing production which we own in Borås. Today we go by the name Bamatex Group, which offers a complete solution for our customers.

In 2016, we moved into our newly built property in Handvävargatan in Brämhult. Today we have total control of the production of transfers, labels, woven products, artificial leather of the highest quality. We have fast lead times due to our own production in Borås and Asia. We can proudly say that we are a flexible organisation with a well-controlled production.

In 2019, we acquired Nordiska Etikettbolaget, which strengthened Bamatex’s position as a complete turnkey supplier of transfer printing, textile printing, woven and embroidered brands. We offer products and services such as heat transfers, woven labels, 3M Scotchlite, imitation leather, embroidery, we have a sewing department, and a department where we can apply our products to our customers clothing. We have higher delivery reliability and greater production capacity.

Whatever you need, dare to ask the question, we help you with anything with in textile processing, so contact us and we look forward to working together in the future.


CERTIFIED BY BAMATEX – Our Education with the customers working together

Almost three years ago we started the concept – certified by Bamatex. Our goal is that we work together to create the best products for your garment.

This involves inviting customers to visit us at Bamatex and looking at the process of applying the metal or heat transfer to your product.
The training teaches you everything from product understanding, production and to the correct handling of the garment.

We believe in achieving the highest standard for your products.

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