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Stadium Chooses Bamatex as a Supplier

Why Stadium uses Bamatex as a supplier for products such as transfers, woven brands, 3M Reflex etc.?

We think that Bamatex suits us at Stadium, as the products, delivery and above all the quality are excellent. As we have a wide range but many different materials, we can use the same product to get a uniform result to the customer, which is important.

How do you view the product Reflex?

When it comes to printing in reflective materials, which is a growing trend in the sports and club life segment, we take it for granted that we work with the best on the market, which is 3M Reflex.

How do you view the collaboration between Bamatex and Stadium? Does Bamatex facilitate operations for your daily work?

The routines and collaborations that we have set up together have always provided something in the end that offer improvements for our production. The fact that Bamatex has salespeople in the field who are familiar with how our business works assist us with expert help for our sales organisation. This is also an important tool for us to make everyday life easier.

How aware is Bamatex about information technology and business integrations?

This I would say in addition to the products, Bamatex is the starting point. The adaptations and integrations we have implemented together with Bamatex, are very successful and have created better control and increased efficiency for both our production and the sales organisation.

How do you view Bamatex’s environmental thinking? That Bamatex works as an environmentally adapted business.

It is a matter of course for us that our suppliers work actively with their environmental work and it feels good to work with Bamatex as a supplier, the products we get delivered to us are certified and friendly to the environment.

How long have Bamatex and Stadium collaborated and how do you view the collaboration and its development since the start?

We have had a collaboration for just over ten years now, since the autumn of 2010. Our feeling is that we have grown together. When we signed our first agreement, I remember that our owner Karl Eklöf said that we at Stadium work with short agreements but long relationships and think it reflects our cooperation well. We have been good at developing the cooperation together and created conditions for a long continuation of our relationship.

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